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Grand Opening Promotion:

NOW through 5/1/2016

Bring in your consignment items and get a 60/40 split- YOUR FAVOR! After 5/1/2016 the consignment split will go back to the standard 50/50.

Consign in 5 easy steps!

1) Drop off your items

2) Within 48 hours, a bid will be assembled for both buy-out and consignment options. If you chose to sell out right, you can be offered up to 40% of the retail value. If you would rather consign, you will see three prices: the retail cost, what the item will be priced as, and least amount you would accept for the item

3) Sign Contract

4) Once your item has sold and the funds have been processed, you will be notified and can chose to either pick up a check or have one sent to you via hard copy

5) If you item does not sell within 5 months, it can be picked up or donated

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